Friday, 23 July 2010

The angle of the dangle

Taking the award for possibly the coolest press conference to date (probably the only 'cool' press conference, in fact) was the launch of Dinner in the Sky in Beirut. We were only given champagne, but corporate parties or people scared of flooding can part with enough cash to eat for a year at ground level in exchange for the experience of some serious aerial mastication - Michelin starred chefs, the works. Not sure if it tastes better at 40m high but it's certainly premium fun. Just don't invite someone with a weak bladder. This feature is running in Jazeera airline's August inflight magazine, so they had to photoshop everyone's champagne glasses out as it'll be out during Ramadan; kinda killed the bottom shot as it was nicely filling the space next to his elbow but there ya go.

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