Sunday, 26 June 2011

The workers of Qatar

 These images were taken during a whistle-stop visit to Qatar last weekend, all (apart from the supermarket shot)  were taken inside residency compounds for migrant workers – mostly  Nepalese, Sri Lankan and Indian. These guys' attitude to my presence was by far the most accepting I've come across – a refreshing change from the usual ladles of suspicion heaped upon photographers. What I saw of their living conditions ranged from basic to downright disgusting; considering the profits being reaped by the development firms for which they ultimately work this situation is both unacceptable and unnecessary.


  1. yup, that's a damned fine set there sonny! missing those big black busy eyebrows of yours. x

  2. that should of course read bushy, but busy works for me too. chill those busy eyebrows out yo.