Friday, 11 March 2011

Swapping shells in Ras Lanuf

On Wednesday the Rebels claimed victory after exchanging artillery fire with pro Gadhaffi forces just West of Ras Lanuf. The town had seen heavy aerial bombardment the day before so we tentatively took a four hour drive South to see how things would shape up.
 After hanging around the town for a bit, myself and videographer Sarah Lynch decided to head to the front a few kilometers down the road.  After half an hour or so of little going on,  an artillery barrage was launched by both sides lasting some 20 minutes. It was impossible to see who was achieving what in amongst it all but the day was concluded with an enormous explosion; a nearby oil refinery had gone up, sending flames some 500m high. In case you were wondering, the guy on the floor in the brown jacket got up and walked away after.

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