Saturday, 12 February 2011

In and around Horsh Beirut

 Beirut is often criticized for being a 'concrete jungle,' but between the city-proper and its southern suburbs lies a beautiful 80-acre park. Except hardly anyone is allowed in. The LA Times have the back story covered here. The surrounding neighborhoods are pretty deprived and their residents would benefit more than most from the escapism that such a place can bring.
Safe to say there's more than a few people who are upset about the waste of such a resource, and one such group Nahnoo (means 'we' in Arabic) commissioned me to take some pictures of and around the park to be used in an upcoming drive to get the place re-opened for all and sundry.
The park itself is beautiful - wander off the track and get lost among the trees and it's hard to remember you're in Beirut at all.


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