Wednesday, 16 June 2010

He's in fashion....

No, I haven't bought a beret, taken to sporting scarves or adopted a mononym but the magazine is doing a big fashion supplement this month, hence the expensive model in expensive clothes, kindly lent by upcoming and established Lebanese designers. Abir was about 6ft tall to start with and in the skyscraper heels so we spent an afternoon feeling like dwarves. There was make up, stylists, people and everything. I had people to hold things. It was splendid. Dahling.


  1. I love this picture. It's edgy and classic, playful and romantic.. I like it because it's so natural but at the same time the light hits her perfect. Very fresh.

  2. the one with the white dress I mean :)

  3. It sure is a tough job bro. God knows how you manage to stuggle on.....