Friday, 27 November 2009

Bad day to be a sheep...

The Muslim world celebrated Eid al-Adha festival today, which was bad news for ovines. Families buy a sheep, which the butcher promptly slaughters. A third of the meat they eat, a third goes to their relatives and a third is given to the poor.
The sheep seemed in no way distressed before they were killed, their throats cut with a simple knife. They made no sound, just the rattling gasp of the air leaving their lungs for the last time.
The twitching was unsettling.

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  1. nice. loving the strapline! I wonder what peta would have to say about all that?..! should have asked them if they paid any thought or consideration to feelings of vegetarians and animal lovers around the world before the slaughtering. hope you're keeping well my main man. have a new phone with skype capabilities, you should look into that maybe?