Monday, 16 May 2011

Israeli soldiers shoot palestinian refugees on Lebanese border

 Yesterday, Sunday 15th May, Palestinian refugees around the Middle East demonstrated against their expulsion from their homeland by Israel in 1948, calling for their 'right to return'.

Here in Lebanon, a group of around 100 refugees and their Lebanese supporters decided to express their frustration by throwing stones over the border fence below the village of Maroun al Ras. There were around eight or so Israeli soldiers on the other side of two large, substantial fences. They responded to the rock throwing by firing live rounds directly at the protestors, from about ten meters away. Look in the right hand corner of the first picture below and you can see how close they were. Look above the shoulder of the man in the picture above and you can see a fellow protestor who was shot just minutes, if not seconds before.

 Up to ten protestors died yesterday and there were reports of up to 70 wounded.  One eye witness saw a demonstrator who was helping another who had been shot already also get shot himself, in the back, as he helped the wounded man away from the border.
Quite how the Israelis considered this an appropriate response to the demonstrators' actions seems unbelievable.